Friday, July 25, 2008

we hold,

on to unimportance, we hold on to each other to tight, we hold on to the strings of life, we hold on to hatred for feeling, we hold on to regret for forgiveness, we hold on to the past to know that there's a future, we hold on to tears for joy, we hold on to what is bad  instead of the good. 

its amazing how we dont realize how much our today, affects our tomorrow. to live carefree is beauty, but to live carefree and aware is life. we cant go on just rolling by on life, hoping that just because we believe that were blessed or luckier then the person besides us or 2 miles away from us, that were gonna have a sure future. that even though were living so carefreely that when our future gets there, those carefree, not thinking at the moment, should regret but wont, things that should've never happened moments will still be present in our future, and our today, and our tomorrow. they dont get erased, deleted, or cut out of our lifes. all those things that we did, or happened to "us" take their toll on us. 

dont live fast, and die young. 
dont live it up, and drink it down.

that maybe the example that our generation has set for us, but our future wont be that way, it wont even exist if we take the stupid mistake to think that our purpose in life is to have fun, and not let life effect you. 

id like to believe, its credibility cant be sure, but all are given a purpose a reason, or a time in our life when we become part of this 30 second situation that our entire lives surround their events around, and we wont be there to witness it or take part if were simple minded enough if we live fast, and die young. take a hold of the reins to your life, and grasp on a little tighter.

- wildflower:)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

buena persona

sometimes its quite aggrivating when you realize, that though you may extend your arm out to those who have fallen, and when no one else around is willing to go through the trouble to be their temporary crutches and you are, when you've fallen it seems like theres not one hand to hold, no shoulder to lean on, no temporary crutches, or random bypasser to smile, and say its gonna be okay. or how sometimes when you've become someones crutch which they depend on, on a daily basis, and for some odd reason once their back on their feet they just simply take u and break both of ur feet so tht u end up being in need of crutches. and you end up depending on a pair of metaphysical, inexistent crutches and shoulders, and hands to hold on too that arent even there.

im so sick of always having to be my own crutches, my own hand to hold, my own shoulder to lean on, my own smile. im so sick of always having to go through it alone.

buena persona means good person in spanish. is being a good person doing the right thing because its just simply in you to do it? or is it doing things just because you kno its the right thing to do.?